October 23, 2022

Dr. Qiming Zheng and Dr. Chunhong Zhao gave invited talks on Oct. 14th, 2022


By Jessie JIA

Dr. Qiming Zheng from the National University of Singapore and Dr. Chunhong Zhao from the Northeast Normal University were invited to give talks about some of their recent research and past research experience.

Dr. Qiming Zheng visited our lab and discussed with lab members on his experience on publication and research. Dr. Zheng is currently a postdoc fellow at the Center for Nature-based Climate Solutions, NUS. His research interest lies in using remote sensing, GIS and other geospatial techniques, environment and climate models, and AI/machine learning approaches to understand global environment changes, particularly in urban and peri-urban areas, and their environmental consequences.

Dr. Chunhong Zhao participated in our sharing session online and introduced her recent research on using street view images for urban studies. She also discussed GIS and remote sensing applications on urban studies with lab members. Dr. Zhao is currently an associate Professor at the Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Northeast Normal University. Her research interests cover GIS and Remote Sensing, Local Climate Zone, and Urban Heat Island.